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Designer Plumbing Showrooms and a
Wholesale Plumbing Distributor since 1947.

Pontiac, Michigan

Flint, Michigan

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Over 70 Years of Experience in Pump and Pipe Supply

The impressive depth of Hodges Supply’s inventory means we will have what you need and will maintain a stock of parts you need to do your work. We develop close relationships with our customers. We know what parts they will continue to use for an ongoing project. Most large wholesalers do not maintain an inventory with a selection as wide as Hodges Supply, and it is highly unlikely that any of them would continue to reorder and stock a special-order item just because you need it on a job. But at Hodges Supply, we have the flexibility to make such decisions without a board meeting first. Our smaller size enables this increased speed, flexibility, and direct customer contact.

Plumbing and Heating Wholesale Distributor

Hodges Supply Company is a wholesale distributor of plumbing and heating, pipe, valve, and pumps. We serve a wide customer base that includes plumbing, mechanical, and heating contractors: industrial parts, maintenance staff, municipalities, and institutions such as hospitals and schools.

We have two locations, each with a complete showroom, and a total of 37 employees. Our headquarters is in Pontiac, Michigan and we have a branch location in Flint. Hodges Supply has over 88,000 square feet of warehouse facilities and a fleet of seven trucks for complete delivery service.

Each location contains an individual department devoted to plumbing and another devoted to heating design and engineering. The heating department provides design, layout, and engineering for hydronic and radiant heating jobs. The plumbing department provides quotations and technical information on residential, commercial, and institutional jobs. We carry a formidable inventory with a wide range of products from the American Standard product line to the residential high-end line products used in million-dollar homes. Many items that you would have to special-order from our competitors are readily available from Hodges. This large inventory means we can meet the needs of the changes you encounter on the job and help you finish your work without having to wait for a special order from a large corporation.


Hodges Supply Company Began as a pump and motor repair shop in 1947, and has grown into a full-line wholesale distributor and service center for plumbing, heating, pump, and well supplies. With over 70 years in the pump and pipe business, Hodges Supply has the experience you can depend on. Family-owned and family-run for 3 generations,

Pontiac Warehouse


1730 East Highwood Pontiac, Michigan 48340


Telephone: 248-858-2605
Fax: 248-858-8534

Flint Warehouse


4281 Holiday Drive Flint, Michigan 48507


Telephone: 810-239-9421
Fax: 810-239-9387